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Morning Announcements

Monday, January 22, 2018

B Day ~ Bell #1

Word of the Day

Refulgent (ri ful jÓ™nt)

Definition:  Shining; radiant; glowing.

The frost on the ground was refulgent in the moonlight.

CAFE:  Tuesday: Boneless chicken with hot sauce or bar-a-que sauce. Thursday: Taco Salad.  Get ready for some long lines.  A lot of tasty food!!!  Thank you from the lovely ladies of the Cafe.

Valentine's Day Roses    The Flossie Shop will be selling Roses that light up and the cost is $3!  Stop in to take a look!

GUIDANCE:SENIORS:  Seniors that need their semester grades to be sent to colleges should stop by the Guidance Office to fill out a request.  These requests will be processed as soon as the grades are released.

Seniors, also please bring in your Acceptance Letters and Financial Aid Package Letters as soon as possible.  Thank you.

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