Thursday, December 14, 2017

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Morning Announcements

Thursday, December 14, 2017

C Day ~ Preview Schedule


Monday, December 18, 2017

E Day ~ Bell #5

Word of the Day

Petulant (pech oo lÓ™nt)

Definition: Pettily or childishly peevish; irritable; fretful; obstinate; impatient.

She is so petulant about losing that no one wants to play with her.


FATHER/DAUGHTER DANCE:  There will be a meeting on Tuesday, December 19 for any student interested in planning the Father and Daughter Dance.  We will meet in the Guidance Office on the third floor after school.   Thank you. 

Respect Life March:The Annual Respect Life March will be conducted on Friday, January 19 in Washington, DC.  Two buses will leave Little Flower at 9:30 AM and return to LF at 10:00 PM.  We will celebrate mass in the Chapel before our departure, participate in the March in Washington, and stop for dinner before returning home.  The cost of the trip is $40 which covers the cost of the bus transportation and Metro transportation in Washington. We will be able to accommodate a total of 50 students on the bus.  The trip is first come first served.  The March itself involves listening to speeches followed by a walk through the streets of Washington to the U.S. Capitol. There is an extended period of standing and waiting in cold, damp weather. Please note that January 19th is at the start of the First Semester Assessments. Teacher and parental permission forms are required and can be found on the table in the front of the classroom in Room 262. A place will be reserved for you on the bus when I have both permission forms and your payment. Thank you.  Peace, mercy and God bless you.

SERVICE HOURS:  This is a reminder to Any Student who is responsible for SERVICE HOURS.  Please have your hours documented and in Sr. Donna’s Office as soon as possible.  Thank you.

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