Little Flower Catholic High School Awarded Prestigious Grant

Little Flower Catholic High School Awarded Prestigious Grant

Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls has been awarded a $100,000 grant from the Archdiocesan Educational Fund to bring “The New Teacher Project” (TNTP) to Little Flower beginning in the 2019-20 academic year.  Little Flower is the first all-female school in Philadelphia to have this distinction. TNTP is a national nonprofit with a mission focused on improving urban education. They describe their mission as, “helping schools to put all the elements of great teaching to work in their classrooms so that more students graduate ready for college, a career and life.”

Under the leadership of Mrs. Jeane McNamara, who just celebrated her first anniversary as the President of Little Flower, McNamara seeks to develop programming at Little Flower that will transform the school academically to meet the needs of its unique and diverse student population.  Through an educational partnership with TNTP, she aims to:

  • Improve academic performance as measured by increasing standardized testing data
  • Align the student experience to student achievement by providing more authentic opportunities that support academic advancement and personal growth
  • Build confidence in Little Flower’s instructional team and school leadership to develop program and delivery that uniquely fit the needs of Little Flower’s students
  • Infuse meaningful service opportunities that support both the school’s Catholic mission in addition to advancing our academic goals.  

Little Flower will engage the resources of TNTP, and align with their mission of helping teachers and school leaders to end educational inequality in the urban setting and achieve higher performance for students.  TNTP will train teachers and school leaders to respond with more agility to student needs, ensure rigorous and engaging instructional environments and create a learning setting that prioritizes great teaching and accelerates student learning. Little Flower will celebrate its 80th year of operation on September 1, 2019.  “I can think of no more fitting tribute to Little Flower’s 80th anniversary than to bring the highest quality educational opportunity to the young women of North and Northeast Philadelphia.  The quality of the professional development provided by the TNTP team is widely considered among the best available, based on sturdy research, customized to the unique needs of Little Flower.”  Her motto for the 80th anniversary, borrowing from the iconic maroon and white interlocking ‘LF’ seen on car magnets throughout the region is “Lasting Traditions, Forward Vision” and Little Flower can proudly boast both in great quantity.

For the past 80 years Little Flower has served the young women from North and lower Northeast Philadelphia, including African American, Latino, Asian and other immigrant groups.  The award winning 1000 West community initiative, begun by McNamara in January 2019, brings neighborhood and city resources to serve the Hunting Park community together on a bi-monthly basis, in addition to supporting the school’s efforts to better service and represent the community.   McNamara recognizes that the community is thirsty for an affordable alternative to poor-performing schools, and Little Flower provides an opportunity for young women to have a high value, affordable private school alternative for their high school experience. McNamara publicly acknowledges the assistance of Little Flower Alumna, Dr. Barbara Klaczynska Schmidt ’64, who was instrumental in assisting with grant application.