Little Flower/Archdiocese of Philadelphia Secondary Schools Fall 2020 Pandemic Reopening Plan

Little Flower/Archdiocese of Philadelphia Secondary Schools Fall 2020 Pandemic Reopening Plan

Frequently Asked Questions
You may find Little Flower's Approved Pandemic Reopening Plan at the following link: Click Here

Update as of August 14, 2020 – NOTE:  Updates will be reflected as they are available.




What is a “hybrid” instructional model?

In Spring 2020, Principals and Assistant Principals for Academic Affairs met to plan the Fall 2020 reopening that would allow for opportunities to continue safe in person instruction within the safety guidelines.  The proposal adopted by that group (and Little Flower was represented) was to continue to schedule students as they had been prior to leaving for flexible learning in Spring 2020, meaning scheduling student classes on a 6 day cycle, 8 periods per day.  The ‘hybrid’ or ‘mixture’ will come in the form of our student population being split into “A” and “B” groups so that only one-half of our student population will be in school on any given day. 


For example, two students could be rostered for the same course, but one is in an “A” group and the other in the “B”.  The “A” student will be in person at Little Flower, socially distanced, wearing a mask, following all guidelines as outlined, but the “B” student is at home watching and participating in the same class live time because of the investment in camera equipment in the classrooms. 


How is the “hybrid” model different than “virtual” model?

The “hybrid” allows us to have both in person and online instruction happening at the same time.  “Virtual” learning (such as that being adopted by other school systems) means that the students will only receive instruction remotely.


Priority was given to siblings to remain in the same group, but the goal was to keep groups “A” and “B” even so that we could ensure all required social distancing protocols be met.


Will all students be issued Chromebooks?


Current student in Grades 10-12 who are returning will continue to use their school-issued Chromebook.  Students in Grade 9 will be provide a school-issued Chromebook. 


Will students be required to wear uniforms in the hybrid model?

Yes, students will be required to wear the LF uniform whether in school or out of school.  The expectation for all students to be counted as PRESENT or NOT TARDY is to be wearing the full LF uniform (unless otherwise directed) and to have cameras on.  If you need any support with putting together the LF uniform, please contact Mrs. Stacy Vivino at to learn more about our uniform exchange program.

Full Uniform will continue to be the expectation but we will have options if there are delays and other mitigating circumstances, e.g., athletic competition.

Can I request for my student to switch her group?


Yes. If your student is assigned to group “A” or “B”, and you would like to make a request to switch her group, please email Ms. Kathleen Radebaugh, APAA, with your request and your reasons for the need to switch. Ms. Radebaugh will review the request on a case by case basis, but we understand that there are situations, e.g., transportation, that may dictate some adjustments.

When is the deadline to add and drop classes during the hybrid model?


The scheduling process occurred as normal for requests for the 2020-21 school year.  Schedule changes will only be made in the event of a request not being honored or teacher recommendation.  The last day to add and drop classes will be Friday, September 18th by 2:30 p.m. The Academic Affairs office will review the requests and determine whether or not to amend the student’s schedule. 

Student schedules are built on requests made in spring of the previous year.  All staffing and facilities’ decisions are a function of those selections for the following fall.  Course changes after the determined deadline will only be honored if there was a scheduling error or by teacher recommendation.

Can students opt out of the “hybrid” model and receive instruction fully online?

Yes.  Students/Families will have the option to go to fully online instruction depending on their specific situation.  Students must fill out the form attached: HERE

The form must be returned to Ms. Kathleen Radebaugh, Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs, Office of Academic Affairs,  We will evaluate opportunities for students to participate in the converse, e.g., come to school with more frequency, as the hybrid groupings permit.

What are some of the key safety enhancements that will ensure the safe return of both students and staff?

·         Touchless Temperature Scans and Daily COVID Health Screenings

·         Replacement of all water fountains with refillable filtration stations

·         Replacement of bathroom fixtures with touchless motion-sensors

·         Improvements to air flow and ventilation

·         Directional signage for movement around the building that allows for social distancing

·         Signage that encourages improved hygiene consistent with all CDC guidelines

·         Installation of plexiglass barriers in high traffic areas and teacher workstations

·         Redesign of the Cafeteria food line for social distancing and providing more grab and go products

·         Increased safety procedures with regard to vending machine access

·         Increased and more frequent disinfection and sanitizing of high traffic areas and classrooms

·         A specialized return to athletics plan

·         Investment in camera equipment in the classrooms to facilitate a hybrid return to school plan to allow for lower class sizes

·         An improved safety footprint at our entrance points to ensure safe entry to the school building


What is the specific investment that the school is making to accommodate these changes?


Due to the generosity of Little Flower’s loyal alumnae donors and other institutional donors, we are able to make the necessary changes that prioritize student and staff safe in person instruction.  The Archdiocese is making an overall investment in facility upgrades in excess of $3 million to accommodate this change.


How will any notification of those infected with COVID-19 be handled and how will the “hybrid” model?


Any notification of COVID-19 exposure would require those in contact with the infected individual to be quarantined for 14 days.  All privacy regulations in accordance with HIPAA guidelines would be followed.   Please see attached guidelines “Exclusion From and Return to School Requirements”.


Why is Little Flower able to open when other schools/school systems have opted not to open?

Little Flower’s building and grounds at one time accommodated over 4,000 students and staff members.  Our ability to make the necessary investments in upgrading equipment to ensure that class sizes will be reduced, individual equipment and materials will be purchased, in addition to all of the upgrades mentioned above, ensure that we are prepared to meet the needs of in person instruction within the recommended guidelines.


The American Academy of Pediatrics, along with the American Federation of Teachers, the National Education Association and the American Association of Superintendents jointly recommend the safe return of students and educators to the in person setting, citing the benefits over and above education in promoting student intellectual, social and emotional growth. 


We believe that in prioritizing the safe return of our students and staff, we hold to the fulfillment of our mission that Little Flower exists to provide a community of young women who deserve the opportunity to be faith-filled, college and career ready, and launched on a future of infinite possibility.  We want nothing to stand in the way of our young women to attain these goals we set for them at Little Flower.


What about athletics/activities?

Please check under “Athletics” for the most updated information about the 2020 Fall Athletic schedule.  LFCHS, as part of the Philadelphia Catholic League (PCL) and the sanctioning body of athletics, the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) is at the mercy of their decision making with regard to the start of fall sports, and specific sports are affected in specific ways.

PIAA has allowed for fall sports to proceed with limitations on spectators.  Specific guidelines can be found at

A specific Athletic Department Return to Play plan has been developed and the key points will be shared.

 We will do our best within the established guidelines to ensure that the signature Little Flower activities and rich traditions will continue, albeit under some varied formats.  Our Department of Student Life is looking into options, for example, to hold our Ring Mass Celebration in such a way that we would be adhering to all guidelines.  As of this moment, because of the front-end investment in securing theater rights, the annual musical production is on hold.  However, we are currently working on ways for our students to have opportunities for smaller scale musical theater/variety show type options to showcase their performance talents.

 If an athletic event or specific school activity is scheduled on a day that is not the student’s assigned group “A” or “B” day, students will be permitted to come to Little Flower to work in a safely designated space in order to participate in that day’s athletic event or activity.

 The Office of Catholic Education (OCE) has determined that any student opting to go all-virtual will not be eligible for participation on campus extracurricular activities during the time when she is participating fully virtually.  Please contact for any specific questions related to this policy.


What if our financial situation has changed and we need additional financial support to remain at Little Flower?


Little Flower is committed to providing ample financial aid to continue a student’s high school experience at Little Flower.  Please contact the Tuition Office at x1151 or Mrs. Foley at if we can be of additional assistance.

Will my daughter and her teacher/school staff be required to wear a mask?


Yes.  Masks must be in accordance with school dress code policies.

How will school transportation be handled?


LF has been in touch with all transportation agencies to ensure that our expectation for transportation needs has been met.   LF will also be engaging in a parent survey to ensure that there is accuracy in all current information beginning on 8/14/20.


Exclusion From and Return to School Requirements



Exclude From School

Return to School After…

#1 – No Symptoms


Not applicable

#2 – COVID-19 Symptoms


Individual should be tested for COVID-19; individuals awaiting test results should be excluded from school.

Ø  If test result is negative, return to school following readmission criteria illustrated in PA Code, § 27.73. Readmission of excluded children, and staff having contact with children. If no alternative diagnosis is known, return to school 24 hours after symptoms are improved.

Ø  If test result is positive, follow return to school guidance for scenario #3.

If individual is not tested, follow return to school guidance for scenario #3 (assumed positive).

#3 – Positive COVID-19 PCR Test with Symptoms


Ø  3 days with no fever and

Ø  improvement in symptoms and

Ø  10 days since symptoms first appeared

#4 – Positive COVID-19 PCR Test without Symptoms


10 days after the PCR test was collected

Ø  If symptoms develop during 10 days, follow return to school guidance for scenario #3.

#5 – Close Contact with Symptoms


Individual should be tested for COVID-19; individuals awaiting test results should be excluded from school.

Ø  If test result is negative, return to school 14 days after last exposure to the person with COVID-19 and symptoms have resolved.

Ø  If test result is positive, follow return to school guidance for scenario #3.

If individual is not tested, follow return to school guidance for scenario #3 (assumed positive).

#6 – Close Contact of COVID-19 without Symptoms


14 days after the date of last exposure to the person with COVID-19

Ø  If symptoms develop during 14 days, follow return to school guidance for scenario #5.


  • The 10 day period focuses on the time during which an individual is contagious (estimated infection period). This is the focus of individuals with a positive test result. This is also the focus for close contacts because the contact has been exposed and could develop the illness and become contagious.
  • The 14 day period focuses on the time between exposure and development of illness (estimated incubation period). These time frames are based upon currently known information. This is the focus for individuals without a positive test result.