Social and Emotional Workshops - 1/15/2021

In lieu of having formal classes today, Little Flower will be holding a series of Social and Emotional Workshops. These six workshops serve as an opportunity for some self-care and reflection for our students during these busy times. Our first session, Self-Love/Care, deeply examines those aspects of our social, emotional, and spiritual development that need a lift and demonstrate interactive ways to work toward loving ourselves, so that we can love others. We are grateful to have Ms. Cindy Gadzicki leading this session. We are also very thrilled for Ms. Abby Morgan to lead our second session, Learning to Lead, and Stop being Led.

During this time, Students will experience the tenets of learning to lead and analyzing the courage that it takes to fail in order to move forward on the leadership journey. Principal Weber and Mr. Lelii are excited to lead our fourth workshop, examining How you see yourself and your work influences how successful you are. This workshop discusses recent findings in psychological studies that reveal that how we think about ourselves plays a much bigger role in how successful we are than previously thought.  

During this time of hybrid learning, organization can be difficult for us all. That is why Mrs. Radebaugh is leading the Attention Management session, where they will review how our students can use many different time management tools like Google Calendar, Schoology Notifications, and the LF Academic Planner to adhere to a schedule to turn in assignments on time. Our fifth session, Project Positivity, will invite students to a discussion about improving their mood, communication, and well-being daily. In this presentation, we will be taking an interactive approach to learning why our anxieties hold us back, how to overcome these adversities. Our final session will be a time for our students to plan for Unity Day, something we are very excited about. Thank you to all who led our sessions today. We look forward to holding more sessions in the future.