Celebrating Ralph Purri

Not willing to submit to everything joyful and fun coming under threat during this pandemic, Ralph Purri, Little Flower's Vocal Music teacher has found new ways to keep his students singing.  As an example of "On-Demand Creativity" manufacturers developed a special mask for singers.
Ralph Purri's students sit 6 feet apart wearing masks, which are rather duck-billed platypus-like, singing without fear of Covid molecules floating into their lungs. Mr Purri has also come up with some ingenious ways of teaching music online using interactive Google Slides. Students manipulate symbols on these slides to demonstrate their understanding of the material taught for class work, homework and tests. Students are learning about intervals and rhythm by doing it themselves. Students are actually writing music digitally.
How do you help students learn their vocal lines and make comments in order to correct pitches andrhythms in a virtual world? Mr Purri's students are recording themselves and submitting the recordings for feedback.  I sat in on one of Mr. Purri's classes to find him delivering what looked like a biology or anatomy class as he explained the process of breathing.  Mr Purri gives his students breathing exercises to do at home so that they may hold their notes longer or project further.
Of course, the Christmas concert could not be delivered in person so, undeterred, Mr Purri put his efforts into a digital concert with all his singers in their own Hollywood Squares on Zoom.