Ericka Ekobeni Student Highlight




University of Pennsylvania was an easy early decision for Ericka Ekobeni.


Claude-Ericka Ekobeni feels as typical as any other American teenage girl. Ericka has lived here since she was 3 so she really doesn't remember what it was like to live in Cameroon. But her parents came here with Ericka, her older sister and the American Dream. Now Ericka is living it.



Ericka's father quotes Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” Mr. Ekobeni continues, “And as such, my wife and I always have in mind to offer our children the best possible and affordable school that will provide the best education for the children. Four years ago, after scouting various high schools for Claude-Ericka, we came to the conclusion that Little Flower offered a high quality education along with the learning environment we were seeking for our daughter.”


Four years later, Ericka’s acceptance to the University of Pennsylvania proves Little Flower was the right choice for his “princess.” Naturally he and his wife are bursting with pride that their daughter’s hard work, her passion for learning, and her willingness to challenge the unknown has paid off handsomely. It’s no surprise to Math teacher Anne Boland who has taught Ericka for the last three years. “Ericka is self-motivated to achieve and learn as much as she can in the mathematics classroom. If she isn’t satisfied with her grades, she gives more time and effort to reach those invisible goals that she has set for herself. She can do anything she wants to in her future!”


Ericka’s goals are ambitious. For now, she will concentrate on finishing her senior year right: keeping a strong academic record while making lasting memories with her friends and classmates. But long-term, she wants to make a difference in the world through the research and manufacturing of affordable drugs and vaccines for ailments that typically affect low-income communities.


Ericka credits Mrs. Anne Boland and Mrs. Laura Stankiewicz for shaping her as a student and as a person. “Mrs. Boland has helped me to view Math not so much as a difficulty but as an exciting challenge. And ‘Ms. Stank’ has been a great example of dedication as Community Service Corps (CSC) moderator. I’ve enjoyed the many volunteer opportunities she makes available.” Ericka says, “I believe Little Flower helped me become the well-rounded student I am today. The care and dedication of the faculty and staff help make students not just better learners but also better people. They helped me to develop in ways that made me a strong Penn applicant. Little Flower helped me increase my passions for community service and science, and I believe my love for the two really presented itself in my University of Pennsylvania application.”


Ericka is Secretary of CSC, Vice President of National Honor Society (NHS), and a member of the Literary Garland, Mathletes, Las Flores, SeaPerch, Yearbook, Model UN, and Little Flower Ambassadors. She comes to us from the Oxford Circle neighborhood and St. Martin of Tours grade school. Ericka plans on majoring in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.