Student Services Information » Absences


When a student is absent, her parent or guardian must telephone the Student Services Office at 455-6900 ext. 125 or ext. 128 between 7:30 AM and 10:00 AM. If the absence is going to be prolonged, the student's parent or guardian may make arrangements to call in periodically. NO STUDENT IS EVER PERMITTED TO REPORT HERSELF ABSENT FROM SCHOOL. 

The official absentee form is to be brought to the Student Services Office before homeroom on the day of return. The form must be signed by a parent or guardian, and must include current home and work numbers (where applicable). Demerit consequences are applied when this policy is not followed. Only the official form is acceptable; these forms may be obtained in the Student Services Office. A student who is absent for three or more days is required to have a doctor's certificate as well as the official form on the day of her return. Doctor's certificates must be presented at the time of absence; certificates submitted after the absence has been recorded will not be accepted. 

Unexcused absences exceeding 22 days will result in attendance at Diocesan Summer School. Any senior who exceeds the 22-day limit will not be permitted to participate in Baccalaureate Mass or Graduation exercises. The diploma will be issued upon successful completion of the Diocesan Summer School program. If the school nurse sends a student home before she has completed four class periods, the student will be counted as absent from school for that day. Any student missing four class periods in a day for medical or other appointments will be counted as absent.
Students are not permitted to participate in any school activity on days they are absent from school. In certain instances approval for participation in a scheduled activity may be obtained from the Assistant Principal for Student Services. Failure to comply with this regulation could result in the student being asked to leave the event to which she has come. Students must arrange for routine medical and dental appointments, job interviews, procurement of working papers, driving tests, interviews for or visits to colleges, etc. either after school hours, on Saturdays, school holidays or during vacation periods. They must consult the school calendar for free days. Students will not be routinely excused for these appointments.

N.B. Parental contact information should be kept up-to-date in case there is an emergency or a question as to absence or lateness. When the need arises, students are to update phone numbers/addresses in both Student Services and the Main Office.