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Alumnae Association

Little Flower takes great pride in its alumnae, which comprises a very important part of the Little Flower Community.  With over 36,000 graduates, Little Flower Alumnae maintain a strong tie to the school and support it in a number of different capacities.

The objectives of the Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls Alumnae Association are:
  • to foster the spiritual, social and intellectual welfare of the members;
  • to give active and continuing support to Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls;
  • to further the educational, religious, literary and charitable interests of the School;
  • to preserve and strengthen friendships among the alumnae;
  • to raise funds to benefit the School; and
  • to do all that is necessary or convenient in furthering these objectives.

The Association is not organized for pecuniary profit.  Funds procured by the Association shall be used to meet the objectives set forth above.  The Association operates in cooperation with the Director of Institutional Advancement and the President of the School.

The Association shall hold meetings between September and May, according to a schedule determined by the current Officers that will meet the needs of the Association.  Meetings will be open to all members of the Association.

Little Flower Alumnae Association is an excellent way to reconnect and remain in contact with Little Flower, your classmates and friends.