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Attendance and Lateness


The school year is 180 days long. Pennsylvania Law requires the attendance of each student on all days and hours that the school is in session. State law further requires that students may not absent themselves without the approval of the school. A student's attendance record reflects her patterns of absence and lateness. A ‘Perfect Attendance’ certificate is awarded to those students who have been present each school day and have no unexcused lateness.


A bell will ring at 8:00 AM, at which time each student must be in her assigned seat in homeroom. A student who arrives after the 8:00 bell is late for school, and must report to the Student Services Office for a late pass before going to her locker or to her homeroom.


Students are required to serve detention for all unexcused lateness after four. Students late more than 10 times unexcused will be assigned to same-day detention; parents will be notified. Same-day detention will continue through each school year. A parental interview will be required for seniors who make no attempt to improve in this regard. If an early morning appointment causes lateness, verification of the appointment is to be brought to Student Services in order to receive an excused late pass. Reasons for lateness are to be noted on the late pass; in certain cases a parent’s note is also required. Unexcused lateness will count against a perfect attendance record. A 'Perfect Attendance' certificate is awarded only to those students who have been present and on time each school day.