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Dual Enrollment

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In addition to our core curriculum, Little Flower offers the following auxiliary services for our students:
  • Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy - Advanced Placement or Honors Credits: More information is available on the site, School pays for membership. In addition to high school tuition, the cost for each full year course $370; cost for each 1 semester course $265. Little Flower and Parent share equally the additional cost of JVLA classes.

  • Holy Family University Courses at Little Flower  - Advanced Placement Credit: Two college courses can be offered at Little Flower using instructors from Holy Family University. Students would take one college course each semester and five high school courses all year. Courses offered will be based on student interest and the availability of instructors... Students will receive both high school and college credit for these courses. Tuition will be $200 or less per college course in addition to the regular high school tuition.
  • Holy Family University Courses at Holy Family University - Advanced Placement Credit: Students can take evening or summer courses at Holy Family at a reduced tuition rate. Applications can be obtained in the Principal’s Office and more information is available from Guidance or the Academic Office. Courses offered in this program are eligible for college credits. The students may request high school credits when she enrolls if she has less than a full roster and the course taken is not offered at Little Flower.


  • Language Skills Improvement - 1 Credit: This program, provided through Title 1, is designed to offer English language instruction to students who are speakers of other languages (ESOL). In the ESOL program we employ a communicative approach to learning English. This approach incorporates the four skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening, along with English grammar and vocabulary (both academic and social) into meaningful, relevant, and authentic contexts, engaging students fully in language learning. Students are immersed in the language and culture with full support as they transition towards self-sufficiency in their academic subjects and acclimate to the culture. As a valued part of the Little Flower community, ESOL students are encouraged to participate in school activities, enriching their educational experience as they achieve English proficiency.


  • Basic Skills  Enrichment - 1 credit (Grade 9): This course is offered to students who might profit from further help in reading or study skills. The classes are funded by CORA Services. CORA offers additional study skills classes and guidance programs on an elective basis. Students accepted for the reading and study skills program must meet certain criteria.


  • Math Enrichment - 1 credit (Grade 9): Students whose standardized testing or math grades indicate a need for extra support in math are enrolled in this course. This course supports the Algebra 1 course by providing extra reinforcement and review. The course also addresses other areas of math weakness that are identified by standardized testing.


    • Success Center - This program supports the student who has an IEP and/or learning support needs and will benefit from the services and support of certified Special Education teacher.