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ESOL Program



Little Flower has language support services for students who need English Language classes.

The ESOL program at Little Flower welcomes students from many countries around the world, including Poland, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Mexico, Columbia, Puerto Rico, Angola, and the Sudan. The school provides the paperwork necessary to obtain an I-20 for the foreign student who wishes to study in the United States.

ESOL students spend one or two periods per day with their ESOL teacher, and fill the rest of their roster with the typical classes that other students take. All ESOL students take the PSAT and SAT tests, and the overwhelming majority of ESOL students continue their studies in college.

Since its inception at Little Flower, over 500 students have successfully completed the ESOL program requirements necessary to obtain a high school diploma. For further information, contact Mrs. Julie Tangradi at 215-455-6900, ext. 148.