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Early Dismissal

Students are encouraged to make all appointments outside of school time, so that their attendance record is not affected. A student who has an appointment must present a note from a parent or guardian to the Student Services Office at least one day prior to the requested early dismissal/late arrival. The permission form will be issued at that time. On the day of the early dismissal the student must present this form to her teacher in order to be given permission to leave class. She must then report to the Student Services Office to meet her parent/guardian and to be signed out. Demerit consequences are applied when this policy is not followed. Phone calls are not accepted in place of a note requesting an early dismissal. In the case of an emergency early dismissal, the parent or guardian must contact the Student Services Office at ext. 125 or ext. 128. A form has been developed to make this process more convenient for you; please follow the link to access it.