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Our English coursework has a simple premise—teaching students how to communicate. This skill will serve them in every aspect of their lives and distinguish them from their peers. When our students read works of literature, we teach them how to read with a critical eye. When our students work on vocabulary and grammar, we teach them how to plan, write, edit, and rewrite, helping them to master their use of language. When we prod our students to think more precisely about what they have read, to hear the author’s message, to form ideas of their own, we foster the growth of their minds. In all that we do, students learn to think both creatively and critically to become better communicators.


All English classes involve instruction in vocabulary, writing, grammar, PSAT or SAT preparation, and literature. Each year students are instructed in and produce four types of writing: narrative, analysis, argument, and research. These are the four most common types of writing a student would need in a college or career path. In addition, we have a Communications course for students who need to strengthen their written and verbal communication abilities. Students in this class are given additional support in developing their writing and public speaking through the use of digital media, fiction, and nonfiction resources.


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