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Our Mission and Beliefs

Mission Statement of Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls
Rooted in the Gospel of Jesus and guided by St. Thérèse’s spirituality of simple, loving service, Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls, a welcoming and diverse community, empowers young women to recognize and develop their God-given potential, to deepen their faith, and to grow in awareness of their moral responsibilities to one another and to the global community through a comprehensive program which promotes academic excellence, integrity, and generous service.

Our Beliefs 
All members of the Little Flower Catholic High School Community bring this Mission Statement to life each day by acting in a manner consistent with our beliefs. The Little Flower Catholic High School Community believes that:
  • All human beings have inherent dignity, being created in God’s image and likeness.
  • Diversity is an expression of God's Creativity.
  • God invites us to experience the divine mystery through relationships, experiences, traditions, and knowledge.
  • Jesus lives among us, teaching and calling us to a way of reverent living with one another and with all Creation.
  • Service is rooted in the desire to practice Christ-like empathy, love, and respect for all.
  • St. Thérèse, our patroness, unites us and draws us into discovering and sharing God's incarnational presence in the simple and the ordinary.
  • Catholic education is a relational and shared ministry centered on living the gospel in the Catholic Tradition.
  • Catholic education promotes academic excellence and the healthy development of all dimensions of the human person, and encourages students to reach their full potential.
  • Young women can discover, celebrate, and respond to God's call to be empowered women of faith, hope, integrity, leadership, and service through the focused environment of a single sex high school.