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Important Information


The dress code is in effect for all students coming to school, during school and leaving school.  This means students may not wear sandals, flip-flops, sneakers, shower shoes, clogs or other casual footwear to or from school. Also, students are not permitted to wear sweats, jeans, pajama bottoms, etc. under the uniform. Sneakers for gym class are worn only in the Gym and only for the class itself.


The Little Flower uniform consists of: 


  • a maroon, KNEE-LENGTH jumper
  • a white long-sleeved or short-sleeved blouse; if a tee-shirt is worn under the uniform it must be plain white with no printing, writing or pictures on it
  • maroon Trimfit Cotton - Spandex socks worn at the knee or maroon stockings; maroon & white saddle shoe; the solid-color maroon shoe may be worn if the maroon and white is unavailable. If a student has a medical condition that prevents her from wearing the regulation shoe a doctor’s note indicating why/for how long and requesting a shoe pass must be presented in the Student Services Office
  • the appropriate class emblem, sewn on the upper left side of the jumper
  • a maroon cardigan sweater.

Other characteristics of the Little Flower uniform policy:


  • IDs must be worn during the school day on Little Flower lanyards.
  • Only official school pins may be worn on the uniforms.
  • Scarves, bandanas worn as headbands and wide headbands (three inches or more) are not permitted.
  • Students’ hair color and style is to be appropriate (no mohawks, spikes, etc). If a student decides to dye her hair she must choose a naturally occurring, human color (No blue, burgundy, green, gold, orange, purple, neon red, stripes, half blond-half brunette, etc.)
  • Jewelry, spangles, glitter etc. in the hair are not permitted.
  • Make-up is to be appropriate for school attire; that is, no black or blue lipstick, no glitter eye shadow or face powder, etc.
  • Excessive jewelry is not appropriate with the school uniform. Only one pair of earrings, no larger than a quarter, may be worn. Gauges and disks may not be worn. One chain with a moderate-sized charm may be worn. One small ring on each hand may be worn.
  • Multiple bracelets may not be worn.
  • Nose rings/studs, eyebrow rings, lip rings/studs, tongue studs, visible tattoos, face/neck piercings, finger piercings, hand piercings, handweb piercings and the like ARE NOT PERMITTED.

Depending on the nature of the dress code violation, class/school attendance may be affected for those who choose to ignore the code.



  • 10905 Dutton Road, Philadelphia, PA. (215-637-4600) or
  • 6801 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA (215-624-1983)


The regulation shoe and regulation socks are ordered from:

  • DiGiulio’s, 6948 Frankford Ave; Philadelphia PA (215-333-5512)


School Uniforms:

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Student Handbook 

The student handbook constitutes a contract of the school with parents and students. It contains all rules and regulations of the school which are to be followed at all times. 


Students are given new handbooks with the start of each new school year, but you may view an electronic copy below: 



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