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Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls prides itself on being a Christian community where students are encouraged to develop, achieve and succeed. To maintain this environment, a number of behavioral expectations have been established; meeting these expectations will enable a student to reach full potential. These expectations include:

Demonstrating respect for self, other people and property by:

  • Being courteous and polite

  • Behaving appropriately, in word and action, at all times

  • Settling differences peacefully

  • Responding respectfully to instructions/requests from faculty, staff, etc.

  • Respecting and maintaining school property

Taking responsibility for self by: 

  • Making personal choices based on reasonable decision-making processes

  • Complying with all school polices and procedures

  • Accepting the consequences of one’s actions

Meeting these expectations involves a thorough understanding of school policies and procedures as stated in the handbook section of the Agenda Planner. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Mary McDonald at (215) 455-6900 ext. 126