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Dancing the Night Away
Article by Ines Monsalve ‘22 
On Friday, May 8, 2020, Little Flower helped students feel as if they were back at school. With the help of administration and teachers, students were able to experience an exciting Mother/Daughter Night. For an hour, students danced the night away with their mothers and were able to spend some time seeing friends!
Giavanna Forgione, a freshman, attended this zoom night with her mom. Gia is involved with vocal music and the dance committee. While this was not the freshman/sophomore dance that she was hoping for, she still enjoyed dancing in her kitchen with her mom. 
Gia and her mother enjoyed the music that was played at the dance. Their favorite song was “ Sweet Caroline ” by Neil Diamond. While she was disappointed that she could not be dancing with all of her friends, she still appreciated the effort that was put into making the night special. 
Her favorite part of the night was the twist contest, which Gia and her mother won! Her mom commented, “ All of this dancing is the most exercise I’ve gotten all quarantine!”
Students who attended the Mother-Daughter Night are appreciative of the Little Flower teachers and staff who worked to make this night as special as it was.
Over Two Decades of Proud Dedication to The Church (and Mostly at Little Flower)!
Article By Megan LoMastro ‘23
Father Joseph McCaffrey has worked in Little Flower for 18 years. During those years he has served the community as the school minister, an introductory Latin teacher, and a Theology teacher of all levels. Father is also the faculty advisor for the Liturgical Friends club and the Respect Life club. 
Fr. McCaffrey began considering a life in the priesthood during his junior year of college at St. Joseph’s University. “I had conversations with priests, attended retreats, prayed, and nine years later I knew it was the right decision… Some would call it a delayed vocation. I think God was waiting for the fruit to ripen.”
On May 15, 2020, Fr. McCaffrey celebrated 21 years as a priest and 22 years as a deacon. He has spent 87.5% of that time at Little Flower. “I enjoy watching that percentage grow each year,” said Father. 
Joy is Father’s favorite fruit of the Holy Spirit and that is exactly what he felt on the day of his ordination. Father said this day was exactly how he was told it would be: “a day of great rejoicing in the Church.”  
Fr. McCaffrey also recalls a very special moment for his mother on the day of his ordination. She had the aisle seat in the first row. When Cardinal Bevilacqua processed past her he said to her, “You must have a great relationship with God. You have the best seat in the house!”
Father’s favorite aspect of Little Flower is the community’s patroness, St. Therese. “She is a powerful intercessor and a dear friend. When Cardinal Dennis Dougherty established our school it was his dream that “...all those associated with the school would have a deep, trusting friendship with the Little Flower,” he said. Fr. McCaffrey later added, “St. Therese draws us into a friendship with Jesus through our friendship with her. We are truly blessed to have St. Therese as our patroness and most especially our friend.”
According to Fr. McCaffrey, it is our responsibility to proclaim the message of the Advent Wreath during this difficult time. “In this time of pandemic, the world needs the message of the Advent Wreath: hope, faith, joy, and peace.” Of course, Father closed his interview by saying, “Thanks! God bless you!”
Congratulating Little Flower’s Honor Roll Students
Article by Josiah Padro ‘23
In the Little Flower community, the administration wanted to congratulate our honor roll students. An honor roll student is a student who excelled academically in their courses. Students may be awarded in either first or second honors depending on their grade point average over the first three quarters of the school year.  
Due to COVID-19, Little Flower was unable to hold the annual celebration with its students face to face. Instead, the administration came up with a Virtual Honors Night. It was held on May 19, 2020.
Father McCaffrey began the celebration with an excellent prayer commemorating this year's students by blessing all faculty, staff, honor roll students, and their families. Sister Kathleen proceeded to congratulate all the students for their hard work and dedication in pursuing through the obstacles the community has faced with COVID-19, meanwhile managing their Little Flower education so eloquently. 
Mrs. Zolk announced each student by class year and name. Congratulations are due to the class of 2020, 2021, 2021, and 2023 honor roll recipients. All students worked hard and deserve recognition for their hard work put into their Little Flower education. This well-wishing should also be extended to every Little Flower student for their effort during this difficult time in social distancing and flexible instruction. As a community, the students are doing an excellent job and each individual part of the community should be recognized for their resilience and fortitude.
A huge thank you to our administration and the students who were able to attend the virtual event and were able to enjoy themselves. Little Flower is making an incredible effort to engage with their students during this pandemic and making the school feel more connected. Thank you all for serving the Little Flower community in the spirit of St.Therese’s little way .
Commonly Asked Questions Regarding COVID-19
FAQ by Bella Steiger ‘23 
How does the virus spread?
The virus spreads from person to person when an infected person coughs or sneezes and is within six feet of another. 
How many total cases of COVID-19 as of 5/18/20 in the state of Pennsylvania?
There are a total of 61,611 cases in Pennsylvania.
How can I help to stop the spread of COVID-19?
You can do “The 5”:
  1. Wash your hands often
  2. Avoid close contact
  3. Use a medical mask when around others
  4. Cover coughs and sneezes when around others, and
  5. Clean and disinfect
When school is out, can I hang out with my friends?
To reduce the spread of the virus you should be practicing social distancing (6 feet apart), and only remain with the people you have been around prior to the virus. 
Can I get COVID-19 from my pet and or an animal?
The considerable chances are low. If a pet gets sick it could be a different type of animal virus such as canine and feline coronaviruses which cannot be spread to humans.
Will sports start back up?
As of 5/17/20, Nascar held a race without any fans and limited personnel. As of any other sport, there are talks of shortening seasons, and no fans.
All information is brought to you by CDC > Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).
The History of Little Flower: Facing Difficult Times as a Community
Article by Megan LoMastro ‘23
Difficult times cause society to get creative. New ways to accomplish everyday tasks are constantly being developed, especially during times like these. Responding to difficulty has led to innovation over Little Flower’s history. Here are a few examples. 
Lynn Brennan-Paxson graduated from Little Flower in 1978. Mrs. Paxson’s class was the first freshman class to begin wearing the uniforms currently worn by the students at Little Flower. “The maroon jumper with the white blouses and the "big" stop sign of a patch stating the year you were graduating made us stand out a lot,” she said. 
One of Mrs. Paxson’s favorite memories of her time at Little Flower is having her own locker. Almost every student had to share their locker with another student, but Mrs. Paxson’s locker partner moved after her freshman year and was never replaced. “Having a whole locker to yourself was like hitting the lottery.”
When Mrs. Paxson first arrived at Little Flower, the stairwells were labeled “up” and “down” only. “Don't get caught going the wrong way no matter how late you were or it was a demerit.”
Mrs. Paxson’s mother and sister also attended Little Flower. Her mother was a freshman in 1939 which made her and her classmates the first freshman class to graduate in the first class that spent four years at Little Flower in 1943. Mrs. Paxson’s sister, Diane, graduated in the late ‘60s. 
In 1977, SEPTA went on strike for six weeks. This left many Little Flower students without transportation. Mrs. Paxson recalls students finding fun and creative ways to get to school each morning. “Some people rode bikes or roller-skated to school,” she said. The creativity and determination of these students “made the papers.”
The LF community came together and faced the 1977 SEPTA strike with open minds and resourceful attitudes. Today, the school community doing the same thing by hosting all of its events using online platforms. Although it has been difficult for many, the switch from traditional learning in a classroom to flexible online learning has been quite successful and shows how Little Flower faces adversity by coming up with creative solutions to the problems it faces.
Student Life
How Are the Underclassmen Doing?
Article by Grace Krakauskas ‘23
In the face of the huge changes caused by school being closed, the underclassmen at Little Flower have seen a huge difference in their high school experiences. In light of the recent shift in scheduling, planning for exams, and each of the freshman and sophomore classes having their own virtual get-togethers, there has never been a better time to check in on the students in each class. 
This past Thursday and Friday, Little Flower’s administration invited students from the freshman and sophomore classes to attend a virtual get-together over Zoom. They included games, music, and conversation. “It was touching to see the administration’s effort in trying to make the most of our current situation,” says Kristina Pham, a current sophomore at Little Flower. 
Another sophomore, Vivian Le, says, “It was nice to see the other sophomores after such a long time,” She later recalls how, “I tried to break the awkwardness and so I put 10 scrunchies in my hair, which resulted in Ms. Tangradi copying my impeccable taste in hair accessories. We were twins for a moment,” Even outside of the school building, Little Flower students are still making memories. 
Hopefully, more can be made with the beginning of summer coming near. Katie Vishio, a member of the freshman class, says, “I feel the same way as if it was normal school: excited for summer,” in response to an inquiry about how she felt about the end of flexible learning. 
A lot of changes have occurred within the past few months. “To be frank, I would’ve never imagined I’d be using my Chromebook this much. I went from using it maybe once or twice a day last year to using it all day this year,” says Vivian. 
In addition to the added use of technology among students, there has also been a schedule shift. Students went from getting assignments in all seven of their classes each day, to a set schedule with 4 classes per day, allowing them to complete assignments at a better quality. When asked about her opinions on the change, Kristina Pham responded, “I do really like the new schedule. It allows me to pick up a routine and efficiently plan my assignments,” 
This new scheduling has granted many students the opportunity to raise their grades and take a break from their Chromebook screens for a few hours each day. With the additional free time, students have been relaxing by watching some Netflix and Tiktoks, as well as baking, completing art projects, reading new books, and getting some physical exercise. Hopefully, with summer coming ahead, the students at Little Flower can find more hobbies to occupy their free time with and find a way to relax and clear their heads after all of the work that each one has put into her education.
Online Learning: Navigating the New Norm 
Article by Ines Monsalve ‘22
Editor’s Note: The following are reflections from students in every grade at Little Flower to get a feel with how our sisters are coping with the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on our school. 
Freshman: Sydney Morales
Sydney Morales is a freshman honors student. She runs indoor track and participates in clubs such as LF Planeteers and Stage Crew. Although she felt uneasy about virtual learning at first, she adjusted to her current circumstances in the first few weeks. 
Teaching through Google Classroom, like Mrs. Murray and many other teachers have used, has been her favorite method of teaching so far. Sydney’s advice to other students is to work ahead on assignments and get everything out of the way sooner rather than later. She makes sure to make time for activities that she enjoys after her schoolwork. 
Sophomore: Kristina Pham
Kristina Pham is a sophomore who participates in Ambassadors, Liturgical Friends, the Yearbook, and the LF Planeteers. In her opinion, Kristina finds virtual learning difficult. She believes that even with support, virtual learning is not even close to learning in a classroom. 
She is thankful to the teachers who have been so supportive during this time. Kristina particularly likes Mrs. Zolk’s way of teaching through Educreations and Google Chats. She finds these videos help her to understand the concepts of Algebra ll because they are similar to Mrs. Zolk’s teaching style in class. 
Kristina likes to decorate her journal and bake in order to alleviate her stress. She says, “Even though most of us were robbed of so many experiences and opportunities, this time at home is such a great opportunity to take a mental break and breathe.” 
Junior: Aniyah Plumer
Aniyah Plumer is a junior, and she participates in the school musicals, Liturgical Friends, Creative Spaces club, Mock Trial, and Ambassadors. She believes that virtual learning is a great advancement in technology, but she misses her friends and teachers at school. 
Aniyah particularly likes Google Classroom because it notifies her right away when the teacher posts an assignment. She is grateful to all teachers, especially Ms. Kuvik, who have worked with students. Ms. Kuvik checks in with students and offers to help students with food, supplies, and exercise.
The advice that Aniyah gives to other students is to relax and do what you can. She understands that this is a hard time for everybody, but it won’t last forever. Aniyah read a quote that she’d like to share: “You have to endure the storm to enjoy the rainbow.” 
Senior: Maura Kilkenny
Maura Kilkenny is a senior who participates in soccer, lacrosse, and SGA. She prefers to learn in a classroom environment but she realizes that the teachers have been working very hard to help students thrive during this time. 
Her favorite form of teaching is through a zoom meeting because she can raise her hand and change her background. She believes all of her teachers are doing great and Mrs. Stankiewicz is a good example to follow. 
Maura has been keeping herself on a schedule so she can handle stress. She tells her classmates to wake up early and get some work done, and then go outside and get some sun!
Little Flower Takes Their Athletic Awards Night Virtual
Article by Meagan Leary ‘23
On Monday, May 18th, Little Flower’s athletes were honored during a virtual awards night. Traditionally this would be held at school but due to the current situation, a Zoom session had to take place. Even though athletes and their families could not personally greet each other, extend a congratulatory handshake, or give each other a hug, the Little Flower love and spirit was felt virtually.
The event began with a prayer from Father McCaffrey followed by the National Anthem being sung by senior athlete Maura Budd. Other senior athletes shared in the greetings like Olivia Pisacano giving the welcoming address, Natalie O'Neill reading a tribute to the senior athletes, and Molly Killion reading a tribute to the parents of the seniors.
The night continued when the names of all senior athletes were called as well as the sports they played throughout their years at Little Flower. Next, the names of all the girls who were honored as recipients of All Catholic Teams were read. Little Flower had eighteen athletes representing them as All Catholic. Two seniors made the ranks of All Catholic multiple times; Olivia Pisacano making four teams and Courtney Sherwood making two.
Special awards were extended to athletes, making the night even more special. A list of the athletes and the awards they received can be found at the end of this article. Athletic director, Adam Buchter, gave his closing remarks which were of course followed by the singing of the Alma Mater. Mrs. Rayer said, “It was very well attended and a very nice event.” 
Our seniors leave a lasting impression not only on the athletes that remain but on the school as a whole. They will be greatly missed by all Little Flower community members.  
Finally, on May 7, 2020, The Northeast Times highlighted two Little Flower senior athletes among a list of student-athletes that were being celebrated throughout the city. Click here to read the article.
Brenna McCarry 1st Team
Maura Kilkenny 1st Team 
Allie Bofinger 2nd Team 
Abigail Galazka 3rd Team 
Taylor Iarosis 3rd Team
Olivia Pisacano 1st Team
Courtney Sherwood 1st Team
Amanda Sweeney 2nd Team
Grace Matthews 3rd Team
Olivia Pisacano 1st Team 
Courtney Sherwood 2nd Team 
Kayla Seedes 3rd Team
Ashley Acevado 2nd Team
Caitlyn Clark 1st Team
Gina Cantoral 1st Team
Natalie O’Neill 1st Team
Mikyla Grant 2nd Team
Kelly Bauer 3rd Team
Alayna Denight 1st Team 
Anileck Navas 2nd Team
Olivia Pisacano st Team (3000 Meter) and 3rd Team (Mile Run)
All Around Senior Athlete: Maura Budd, Olivia Pisacano
Senior Scholar Athlete: Amanda Sweeney
Monica Deluca Memorial Award: Natalie O’Neill
Jean Duddy McInaw Memorial Award (Two Winners): Emerson McCabe, Amylynn Owen
Cornelius A. Kane Memorial Award: Hailey Bickel
Lacey Gallagher Memorial Award: Kelly Bauer
Abigail O’Beirne Memorial Award: Paige Affet
Bill Feltwell Memorial Award: Anileck Navas
Jack Rooney Memorial Award: Alayna Denight
Frank Harte Memorial Award: Kassidy Foley
Coach Martie Byron Award: Olivia Pisacano
Fine Arts
Remembering Lost Moments With Music 
Article by Grace Krakauskas ‘23
In this edition of The Theresian , we will be recognizing Little Flower senior, Ciara Skinner. Ciara is enrolled in Honors Instrumental Music for the cello. She says that her favorite aspect of the music classes is “learning new techniques and music that are out of [her] comfort zone,” 
She says that she was inspired to begin playing the cello by the movie If I Stay and has since been a dedicated musician, playing the cello at the height of four feet, eleven inches. 
Because of the cancellation of the Spring Concert this year, Ciara decided to perform the song that was going to be performed for the concert, “Do-Re-Mi” from The Sound of Music , in her lovely prom dress.
Appreciating Little Flower's Talented Artists
Since the 25th Annual Little Flower Art Exhibit had to be cancelled, Mrs. Diehl and Mr. Montgomery created some online ways for the work of their students to be appreciated. Linked below is the video version of the exhibit. You can also view the artworks on Little Flower's Facebook and Instagram pages.
Looking Forward...
Decisions, Decisions
Article by Gianna Morgan
Although a myriad of students are legacies of their family members, prospective and incoming students frequently decide to attend Little Flower based on the many favorable aspects of the school. Allison Szychulski is one of these incoming students, and she has undeniably made an excellent decision.
Currently, Allison, 14, attends Maternity BVM for grade school. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Allison is also very enthusiastic about animals and enjoys returning their love and joy. Additionally, she is presently involved in her school’s CYO softball and basketball.
Several of Allison Szchulski’s family members are alumnae of Little Flower, which opened up the school as an option. Despite her family’s partiality toward Little Flower, she made her own decision in attending. Allison feels as though the atmosphere at Little Flower is a perfect fit for her. In an interview with The Theresian , she said, “...once I arrived at the school, I fell in love with it. All of the people are so kind and welcoming. I had a feeling as soon as I walked in, that I wanted to go there.” 
Her plans for attending Little Flower include trying new things, meeting new people, and learning more about herself and others. Allison believes Little Flower is the perfect place for her to achieve these goals. In her words, “I’m so excited for my high school experience!”
When she attends Little Flower in the fall, Allison plans to play a variety of sports and join a multitude of clubs. She plans to continue playing basketball and softball along with trying out for the volleyball team. According to her, she would like to take as many opportunities as Little Flower offers. This is a great idea seeing as Little Flower offers an abundance of opportunities, and Allison will not be passing them up. 
Even though she has not shadowed, Allison has attended Little Flower’s visitation day, sports tailgate, and best friends’ dance. She enjoyed the events she did go to and thought shadowing would have been an amazing experience. Allison has been to both softball and basketball games outside of other events. In the near future, she wants to help other students find their place at Little Flower just as she has.
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