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Bloom 2.0 Registration

The 2020 BLOOM 2.0 Summer Readiness Program is designed to boost students' academic skills in small classes and bolster their confidence to help them make a smooth transition from elementary schools to the Archdiocesan High School environment. The program will be a hybrid of virtual learning and on-campus experiences (as we are permitted). The sessions will be centered around ability - appropriate high school readiness in English/Language Arts, preparation for content classes (e.g., Social Studies, Theology), preparation for STEM classes (Math, Science), and cultural acclimation to the all girls’ Catholic high school experience. Infused with this training will be specific touchpoints dealing with communication skills, organizational skills for high school, leadership and team building, and training in diversity and inclusion. 


This is a tremendous opportunity to familiarize yourself with our school and begin to build deeper relationships with your future classmates. Our staff, current students who have been through this training, along with the staff of Thom Stecher and Associates, a nationally-renowned leader in training adolescents in social-emotional learning, will be leading this experience.  


The details for the program are as follows:

Dates: July 15 through July 30, 2020

Time: 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Place: Little Flower Catholic High School For Girls

Topics: Mathematics Preparation for Algebra I, Critical Reading, Study Skills, and Catholic School Identity

Tuition: $250 paid in full by July 14, 2020


Attendees' tuition accounts will be credited $12.50 for each day attended. Please register below before July 13, 2020.


Click here to register for BLOOM 2.0


Steps to Register:


  1. Register to Bloom 2.0 Summer Readiness Program

  2. Enter the amount of $250.00

  3. Select “One Time” in the Frequency section

  4. Press “ Calculate Total”

  5. Donation Allocation: Please select “other” in the drop down menu

  6. In the Specify Donation Description section, type in “ Summer Bridge”

  7. Continue to payment details





Cash, Check, and Money Orders (Payable to Little Flower Catholic HS) will be accepted in the building during the hours of 8:00 am - 3:00 pm


Please Note: There will be no payments accepted on the day of July 15, 2020. Due to COVID - 19 restrictions, we ask that all registrations be made no later than July 13, 2020 to ensure that we maintain all Pennsylvania social distancing regulations.


Please contact Mrs. Kia Benjamin at x1162or with any questions.