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Senior Spotlight

Check back every Monday around Noon to see a new list of our graduating senior class!
Week of 5/27/20:
Haley Kelso  A3

             Soccer, Let’s Jump, Walk On Club, Yoga








Molly Adams A 1

Vice President SGA, SGA Rep, Ambassador, Zumba Club, Walk On Club, 

Cross Stitch Club, Quizzo Club, NHS, Golf, Summer Leadership Camp

“I will miss seeing my friends and some of my favorite teachers everyday.  I will always remember the countless memories that I made every single day whether it be just a normal day at school or being involved in something before, during, or after school.  I am excited to attend Temple next fall and have the chance to meet new friends and continue my education!”


Arianna Brison  A1

Stage Crew, Homeroom Rep, SGA, Zumba Club, Green Thumb Club, Gimp Braiding Club and Yoga Club.

“I am so excited for a fresh start in college, but I will miss my LF sisters so much!”


Kassidy Miranda  A4

Community Service Corps

“I’m excited to meet new people and to be in a new environment for college.”

Rylie Gardellis A2

NHS, CSC, Softball, Volleyball

“I will forever miss and treasure the sisters that I have found at Little Flower and I am excited to see what the future holds for all of us.”

Week of 5/18/20:

Hailey Ramirez  A4

Ambassadors, Las Flores, Ping Pong Club, Golf, Green Thumb Club, Gimp Club

“For college, I’m most excited for new beginnings.  I’m excited to meet new people and get my future together by majoring in Criminal Justice.  Criminal Justice has always excited me ever since I was a young girl.  Being accepted in this major was such a huge accomplishment for me!”


Lily Chieu  A1

Otaku Club, Mind Over Matter, Art Futures, Stage Crew, Art Club

“I will miss the bond I have made with my friends and the beautiful memories I have with my classmates in Little Flower.  I am excited about studying Illustration in college and making new friends.”


Gabrielle San Lorenzo  A5

Stage Crew

“I can’t wait to get out of Philly and start fresh with new kinds of people at my college.  But I’ll never forget the friends I made at LF, and we’ll keep in touch a long time.”


Raeven Williams  A5

Cheerleading, Walk On Club, African American Club, Pound Club


Molly McGinn  A3

Stage Crew, Musical Productions

“I’ll miss LF mostly for the home feeling it gave me when working on sets and just hanging out with my cast and crew.  It really acted as a second home for me and I’m going to miss backstage a lot.”











Thanh Nguyen  A4


National Honor Society, Little Flower Ambassadors, Model United Nations, Literary Garland, PALA Fitness Program, Student Government Association, Quizzo Club, Problem Solving Club, Girl Up Club


“I cannot wait to spend my next four years at UPenn and continue pursuing my passions.  I will forever carry the values and morals that Little Flower has instilled within me.”









Amanda Sweeney  A5


Mock Trial, Model UN, The Theresian Newspaper, Field Hockey, Cross Country, Mathletes, National Honor Society, Ambassadors


“I will miss the great friends that I made at LF, but I am excited to make new memories in college.”









Jenna Smith  A5


Softball, Quizzo Club, Green Thumb Club, College Club, Card Club


“I’m going to miss all of the friends and bonds I’ve made at Little Flower.  They shaped me into who I am today.”










Kelly Bauer  A1


SGA, CSC, Ambassadors, Green Thumb Club, Golf, Basketball


I’ll miss having Spirit Day the most.  It was my favorite part of every year.”







Maddie Gillespie  A2


LF Ambassadors, Softball (9, 10, 11), Track and Field (12), Volleyball (9, 10, 11, 12), 

Quizzo Club (12), Girl Up Club (9, 11), College Club, Superhero FTK Dance (10), Big/Little (9, 12), Dance-a-thon (9, 10)

“I will miss LF terribly.  I will miss my friends, and the experiences we shared over the years.  LF has made me into the person I am today, and I have made friends that will last a lifetime.  I will miss spending my 8th period in the Admissions Office.  Ms. Benjamin, Mrs. Vivino and I had a lot of fun times and a lot of great laughs.  I will miss everyone, and want to give a heartfelt thank you to every teacher and administrator who I have worked with over the past four years.”






Week of 5/11/20:




Gina Cantoral  A1


Swim Team, March for Life, Green Thumb Club, Quizzo, Sewing







Aliyah Rosario A5


Golf, Yearbook, Zumba, NHS, CSC, American Sign Language, Creative Spaces, Classic Games Club, Country Dance Workout, Model UN

“I’ll miss seeing the friends I’ve made at LF everyday.”






Sophia Cannizzaro A1


Quizzo Club, Mind Over Matter Club, Homeroom Rep

“I’ll missing seeing my friends everyday, but I’m excited to further my education at Holy Family to study Nursing!







Brigid Cray  A2




“I’ll miss going to school with my friends everyday but I’m excited to start the next chapters of my life.”  









Emani Bryant   A1


Indoor and Outdoor Track, Yoga, Zumba Club, Green Thumb Club, African American Club and SGA.


“I’ll miss my sisters the most.  We have all gotten each other through everything and I do not know what I would do without them next year.”










Nicole Nejman   A4


Orchestra, Pep Band










Gianna Sipps   A5

“I’ll miss all of my friends and teachers but I’m excited to see what’s outside of LF.”









Larissa Dorfman  A2


Volleyball, Beauty and the Beast, The Addams Family, Willy Wonka, SGA, Ambassadors, Theresian, Italian Club, Zumba, Baila Conmigo, CPR Club, College Club, Quizzo










Ashley Acevedo  A1


I participated in Choir, Tennis, NHS, Ambassadors, LF’s Musicals

“I’m going to miss the endless opportunities LF provided for students to try something new!”








Kassidy Foley  A2


I was involved in Golf, Field Hockey, Swimming (Captain Senior Year), Track and Field, CSC (Vice-President), SGA Senior Rep, Ambassadors (Secretary), Zumba, Celtic Club, Green Thumb Club, Dance Committees (9, 10, 11)


“ I will miss the LF school spirit, the “Little Way” we have at LF, and seeing my friends everyday.  I will also miss playing on sports teams that taught me leadership, teamwork and happiness.  I am most excited to attend Temple in the fall to study business and hopefully one day be a woman in the business world of sports.”













Courtney Sherwood A5


Beatles Club, Country Workout Club, Zumba, Peanuts Club, Quizzo, Softball, Cross Country


“I will miss seeing my friends that I’ve made over the past four years.  They helped me find who I am and taught me a lot about what friendship means.  I will also miss the teachers.  They are always so caring and there whenever I need someone to talk to.








Kyrstin Mulvenna A4


Soccer, Ambassadors, Peace Club, Italian Club, Celtic Club, Scrapbooking Club

“I’m excited to move away from home and meet new friends at West Chester."









Payton Conard  A2


Volleyball, Tennis, Ambassadors, Zumba, GIMP Braiding Club, Quizzo Club, Classic Games Club, Green Thumb Club


“I’m going to miss everything about LF!  Walking the halls and being with my friends and teachers everyday is what I will miss the most, but I’m excited to meet new friends at college and learn new things.!”










Caitlin Blazejewski  A1


Ambassadors, Sewing, GIMP Braiding, TV Club, Walk On Club, Quizzo

“The things I’ll miss the most at LF are my friends, the uniform, LF traditions, and the environment and good feelings that I get from the school.”










Mariana Higuita   A2


The Beatles Club, Sewing for Intermediate Club, Stage Crew, Sea Perch  


“What I’ll miss about LF is the friendships and all the nice teachers.”












Week of 5/4/20: 

Abby Charles  A1

LF Musicals:  The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, The Addam’s Family, Willy Wonka; Model UN (4 years), Garland Yearbook, CSC.

“I’m excited about the freedom I’ll have in college.  I’ll miss my school family.”


Emely Jimenez  A3

Tennis, Literary Garland, Model UN, NHS

“I’ll miss wearing my uniform, even if my poor shoes are falling apart!”









Madelyn Leonard  A3

Orchestra, Pep Band, Tri-M, and NHS

“Honestly, I’ll mostly miss spending everyday laughing and joking around with my friends!”








Olivia Pisacano  A4

Field Hockey, Cross Country, Swimming, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track, Lacrosse, Mock Trial, SeaPerch/SeaGlide, Pep Band, Orchestra, Art Futures, Sewing

“My friends and teammates I’ve made at LF are one of a kind so I will definitely miss them and all the memories the most, but I’m excited to experience life from a different point of view in college.  Oh, and of course, we have the best Chaplin in the world…there’s no doubt, I will miss Father!”


Gabrielle Friedman  A2

Homeroom Representative (9, 10, 11), School Musical (9, 10)

“I will miss the people at LF the most, but I am excited to continue the journey they helped me start at LaSalle."










Paige Affet  A1

Soccer, Lacrosse, Athletic Association Officer




Brenna West  A5

CSC, Ice Hockey, Art Futures

“I’ll miss getting to see teachers, staff and all my friends so much!  I’ll also miss buying wraps at lunch.  Little Flower has given me such a loving, caring community and I am really sad I’ll have to say goodbye!”









Brianna Byus  A1

Stage Crew, Tennis, Walk On Club, Zumba, Golf


Destinee Colon A2

 Tennis, Ice Hockey, Track and Field, Green Thumb Club




Kiersten Curcio  A2

Quizzo,  Zumba, Travel Club, Baila Conmigo, CPR, Ambassadors, College Club

Week of 4/27/20: 


Natalie O’Neill A4


       Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball, CSC, SGA, Celtic Club, Italian Club, Quizzo Club, Iron   Women Boot Camp, Creative Space, Let’s Jump Club.

“Little Flower has given me lifelong memories that I will cherish forever.  LF has taught me if I put my mind to it, I will be successful in anything.”




Ciara Skinner A5

Orchestra VP, Tri-M Music Honor Society, Ice Hockey, Otaku Club President, Mind Over Matter Club.




Joely Halbiger A3

Tennis, NHS, Orchestra, Pep Band, Literary Garland, Tri-M Music Honor Society




Brittany Griffin  A2

“After graduation, I hope to be successful and happy in whatever I am doing.”




Kiandraliz Bonilla  A1

Volleyball, Ambassadors, Vocal Choir, Beauty and the Beast Musical

“No matter how much I didn’t want to go to school sometimes, I will always miss my friends and all the fun moments we had.”



Maura Kilkenny A3

     SGA, Soccer, Lacrosse, Jump Rope Club, Zumba Club, Stepmania Club, Quizzo Club,          

     Celtic Club

     “I am going to miss all of my friends and teachers at Little Flower but I’m looking  forward to playing soccer and meeting new people.”



Molly Killion A3

     Varsity Soccer, Varsity Lacrosse, SGA, Diversity Club, VP of the Athletic Association, Quizzo Club

“I’m really gonna miss the friends that I’ve made at L.F.  I have met some of the best people here and I really don’t know what I am going to do without them next year.”




Amber Trimber A5

CSC, Ambassadors, Literary Garland, Tennis

“I am so sad about leaving Little Flower, but I’m looking forward to what the future holds for me.”










Astrid Cordón-Lucero A2

Las Flores Club, American Sign Language Club

“I will greatly miss the love they give you, to be able to learn new things every day, to be able to participate in the activities that LF offered us every year, and especially the family of which they made me part with that great Spirit that everyone has.”



Emmerson McCabe A3

Soccer (9, 10), Basketball (9, 10, 11, 12), Softball (9, 10, 11, 12), Stepmania Club, Green Thumb Club and Yoga Club

“What I’ll miss about Little Flower is the memories you make everyday, even if it’s just at the lunch table with your friends, in classes or at practices, the memories we make will last us a lifetime.”








Jordan Fafara  A2

Cheerleading, Ping Pong Club, Zumba Club, Green Thumb Club

“I’m going to miss all of my friends, but I’m very excited to make more friends at college.”


Caitlin Garlick  A2

Soccer 4 years, Lacrosse 2 years, Celtic Club, Zumba Club, Peace Club

“I will miss the friendship with the soccer girls on and off the field.”


Tiffany Valerio  A5

Otaku Club, Mind Over Matter Club, Art Futures, Talent Show

“I am excited to start this new chapter of going to college.  I really want to travel, to study someplace new, and a chance to make more friends and follow the path of my career.”


Fae Lobron A3

Swim Team, Green Thumb Club, Garage Band Club, College Club, Classic Games Club

“I’m excited to meet new people at Temple next year.”

Celiyah Mizelle A4

Orchestra, Scrapbooking Club, Quizzo Club

“I’ll miss seeing my brothers every day and my teachers."