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Guidance Department



Using a developmental approach, the Little Flower Guidance Department is available to help each student recognize her potential.  

Our goal is to facilitate growth both inside and outside of the classroom. Our guidance staff is available to help students navigate any obstacles that may impede their success.

To support our students’ academic, social, emotional and spiritual growth we provide a variety of services, including:

  •       Individual and group counseling
  •       Classroom guidance presentations
  •       Career and college counseling
  •       Special events and speakers
  •       Drug & alcohol assessment
  •       Crisis Intervention

In addition to employing both a certified School Counselor and a Catholic Social Services Social Worker, Little Flower is fortunate to have additional part-time counselors provided by various agencies:

  • Catapult Learning
  • CORA Services, Inc: CORA Services’ mission is to assist children, youth and families experiencing emotional, academic and social challenges which impede their development and productivity.  The CORA Counselor provides professional services focused on prevention, intervention, remediation, and referral assistance.  The CORA Counselor meets with students individually and in small groups. 
  • Shalom, Inc: Since inception in 1973, Shalom, Inc. has been giving generously and consistently to children, adolescents and adults in Philadelphia.  The Shalom Counselor works with students in small groups to address obstacles to learning and personal development.